Dryer Vent Service


We conduct an internal video inspection to determine if your dryer vent needs cleaning. If to doesn't you only pay for the inspection.


An internal video inspection of the dryer duct work will be conducted before and after cleaning. All work is performed from the exterior. This is accomplished by using reverse flow compressed air. We enter the duct through the dryer vent cover mounted on the outside of the home. A small compressed air hose with a spinning nozzle flows air back toward the vent cover expelling the lint out of the duct. At the same time the reverse air flow pulls the hose further into the duct until it reaches the dryer. An air flow test will also be completed (if someone is available to operate the dryer) before and after the cleaning is completed. This allows us to measure dryer performance. Upon completion expelled lint is vacuumed and removed.


We service the entire dryer vent system as follows*;

An internal video inspection of the dryer ductwork will be conducted before and after cleaning.

A Dryer Exhaust Duct Performance test will be conducted before cleaning the exhaust and after cleaning to ensure proper air flow.

Clean the dryer vent duct.

Clean the dryer moisture sensor.

Clean the lint trap and blower area of the dryer.

Gas Dryers- Carbon monoxide and combustible gas detectors are used to check connections at back of dryer and at the gas supply line.

Electric Dryers- 220 volt power supply cord and strain relief are inspected for proper installation; for your safety.

Check your existing venting to verify it meets fire and building codes for safety.

Check for damaged or worn venting components.

Check for retention of moisture in the venting system.

Check for proper operation of the louvered vent. Sticking or damaged.

Inspect the venting to see if it has been properly installed.

Inspect the dryer area for potential fire hazards.

Check the dryer to make sure it is heating correctly.

We give you a written report of our findings and recommendations.

*On occasion some the above services may not be required or completed.


Dryer vents and bathroom exhaust fan vents are common places for birds and rodents to build nests, particularly during the winter months. Both are know to carry a variety of diseases. We have to ability to remove nests and disinfect the duct.

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