More Than Just Exterior Cleaning


We understand that many businesses are essential during the Corona Virus pandemic. We also realize the health and safety of the community is of paramount concern. With disinfecting supplies increasingly difficult to come by, we have added shopping cart and playground equipment sanitizing to our core services. We achieve this through the application of low-pressure steam cleaning at temperatures up to 310 degrees. Steam cleaning is a proven chemical free means of killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria. While there is much to still be learned regarding Covid-19 there is a growing number in the healthcare community that do not believe the virus can survive these high temperatures. There is also an option for sanitizing using the recommended dilution of chlorine bleach in conjunction with steam. Both options are completed on-site utilizing industrial steam and spray equipment that allow us to clean  efficiently and effectively.  These sanitizing services are available for all exterior surfaces.  Please call for a quote.

Why hire Clean-Exteriors?  We offer specialized cleaning services for commercial and residential customers. Our central air conditioner condenser cleaning services as well as our dryer vent cleaning services lead to a safer and more sanitary environment. 

Over time everything gets dirty and while rain will help wash away some of the grime it won't wash away the sunbaked grime, the stains and other issues that power and soft washing can. Additionally unlike most other exterior cleaning companies we use state of the art equipment that allows us to do most of our work from the ground including gutter cleaning. This equates to less liability and less property damage risk to the property owner and is significantly less messy. Whether its pressure washing, gutter or dryer vent service or central air conditioner condenser cleaning service, Clean-Exteriors can help. 

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